Canberra Nature Map project

The Canberra Nature Map project allows you to report rare and endangered plant sightings and any of the many treasures in and around the ACT.  Find out more about the project.


The slopes of Bruce ridge Nature Park contain patches of Red Stringy Bark – Scribbly Gum tableland forest and Yellow Box – Blakely’s Red Gum tableland grassy woodland which have been mapped within the Bruce Ridge Nature Reserve. However, the majority of the vegetation in the reserve is unmapped. Local nature groups have identified a number of uncommon native orchids, but formal mapping has yet to be published.


A number of vulnerable and declining woodland bird species have been recorded within the reserve including Brown Tree-creeper and Flame Robin both on one occasion and Varied Sittella and Speckled Warbler on many occasions while White-winged Triller has been observed in nearby Black Mountain Nature Reserve. No other rare or uncommon native fauna have been recorded in the reserve.

The areas is also home several wallaby species, black snakes and  echidnas.  The south side of the ridge is being encroached by rabbits.


Bruce Ridge forms part of a broad connective corridor that links Mullangarri Nature Reserve with Black Mountain Nature Reserve. This connectivity is broken in many places by roads and infrastructure corridors. However, there is generally a contiguous cover of trees throughout the reserve with drainage lines providing movement corridors for small woodland birds where shrub cover is denser and habitat resources more plentiful.  Logs are provided through a number of the underpasses for native marsupials to transit across the GDE.


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