Friends of Bruce Ridge

Bringing recreation to conservation.

Friends of Bruce Ridge (FoBR) is a community management group was created in 2011 to work with Parks and Conservation Services (PCS) to ensure conservation outcomes within Bruce Ridge Nature Reserve are upheld.

A key objective for FoBR is to work with PaPCS and local users to protect and maintain a sustainable and accessible nature park.

All of the trails have now been assessed in regards to their environmental impact and sustainability. Some existing trails have been upgraded, rerouted or closed.

A series of signposts and trail head notice boards have now been installed to inform visitors.

How you can contribute:

There are a number of ways that you can help maintain Bruce Ridge Nature Park as an outstanding community resource:

  • Donation of cash, or new tools and equipment
  • Trail maintenance (monthly working bees)
  • Flora and fauna identification and mapping
  • Identification and mapping of noxious plants and hazards
  • Development and presentation of School education materials
  • Research and documentation
  • Social media engagement
  • Leading guided tours

If you would like to find out more and or be involved in trail maintenance, weed control, or just have your say about Bruce Ridge, please join us on the FoBR Forum at Friends of Bruce Ridge and like us on Facebook   


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